Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* gnuradio-3.2.0 : Add recipe for new release of gnuradio.Philip Balister2009-06-021-0/+27
* angstrom: no binary locales for ep93xxMarcin Juszkiewicz2009-06-021-0/+3
* tune-ep3912: optimize with -O not -O2Marcin Juszkiewicz2009-06-021-2/+6
* tune-ep9312: ep9312 can run armv4tMarcin Juszkiewicz2009-06-021-1/+1
* tune-ep9312: use flags from Martin W. Guy workMarcin Juszkiewicz2009-06-021-3/+2
* ep93xx: use Maverick FPMarcin Juszkiewicz2009-06-021-2/+2
* gcc 4.3.3: add ep93xx patches from Martin W. GuyMarcin Juszkiewicz2009-06-0229-0/+2883
* atd: fix spelling of LICENSERolf Leggewie2009-06-022-4/+4
* checksums.ini : Add checksum for gnuradio-3.2Philip Balister2009-06-011-0/+4
* (e)glibc.inc: add minimal sane kernel versions, move from bitbake.confRoman I Khimov2009-06-013-2/+22
* initscripts: Get rid of the vtmaster stuff, bump PR.Tom Rini2009-06-013-20/+2
* python-native: Actually bump PRTom Rini2009-06-011-0/+2
* moblin: add nbtk, hornsey and bognor-regisKoen Kooi2009-06-013-0/+47
* clutter-gst: add 0.9Koen Kooi2009-06-011-0/+10
* startup-notification: add 0.9Koen Kooi2009-06-011-0/+13
* clutter 0.9: fixup GLES backendKoen Kooi2009-06-011-2/+14
* clutter 0.9: add from pokyKoen Kooi2009-06-012-0/+44
* librsvg: add 2.26.0Koen Kooi2009-06-012-0/+37
* connman: fix initscript and start earlier (but after dbus) (from poky)Koen Kooi2009-06-013-2/+4
* dbus: start a bit earlier in the init sequence (from poky)Koen Kooi2009-06-012-2/+2
* udev: Allow standard users to access shared memory (from poky)Koen Kooi2009-06-012-2/+2
* gnuradio: add hack to build a private copy of libusb (the gnarly old one) and...Koen Kooi2009-06-013-5/+35
* gnome-vfs: bump PR for gnome.bbclass changeKoen Kooi2009-05-311-1/+1
* gimp 2.6.3: bump PR for gnome.bbclass changeKoen Kooi2009-05-311-1/+1
* moblin: add recipes from poky 'meta-moblin' overlayKoen Kooi2009-05-319-0/+139
* xdg-user-dirs: add 0.10 (from poky)Koen Kooi2009-05-312-0/+29
* redland: add 1.0.8 (from poky)Koen Kooi2009-05-313-0/+174
* libjana: sync with pokyKoen Kooi2009-05-312-8/+5
* gnet: sync with pokyKoen Kooi2009-05-314-8/+78
* gupnp*: sync with pokyKoen Kooi2009-05-313-5/+21
* check: add 0.9.5 (from poky)Koen Kooi2009-05-312-0/+26
* angstrom-gpe-task-base: bump PRKoen Kooi2009-05-311-1/+1
* angstrom 2009.X: preferred-versions updatesKoen Kooi2009-05-311-1/+20
* pango: add 1.24.2Koen Kooi2009-05-313-0/+36
* Merge branch 'org.openembedded.dev' of git@git.openembedded.org:openembedded ...Koen Kooi2009-05-3176-77/+414
| * zaurus-kernel: bump PR to match linux-kexecboot-2.6.24 fix for gcc-4.3Andrea Adami2009-05-311-1/+1
| * linux-kexecboot-2.6.24: fix compilation with gcc-4.3. Bump PRAndrea Adami2009-05-313-1/+17
| * linux-rp-2.6.23: fix compilation with gcc-4.3Andrea Adami2009-05-312-1/+17
| * linux-rp-2.6.24: fix compilation with gcc-4.3Andrea Adami2009-05-312-1/+17
| * python-native: Add readline-native to DEPENDS, bump PR.Tom Rini2009-05-301-1/+1
| * python-native_2.6.1.bb: Add zlib-native to DEPENDSKhem Raj2009-05-301-1/+1
| * (e)glibc-package: enable binary locale generation for powerpcRoman Khimov2009-05-302-3/+7
| * udev: fixed obsolete udevadm syntax for udev init.d script.Ihar Hrachyshka2009-05-302-3/+3
| * vim: be an alternative to /bin/vi; switch to INC_PRMichael Smith2009-05-304-3/+12
| * uclibc: remove calls to obsolete base_set_filespath()Michael Smith2009-05-309-15/+3
| * glibc/eglibc: remove calls to obsolete base_set_filespath()Michael Smith2009-05-3010-12/+5
| * Replace obsolete base_set_filespath() with FILESPATHPKG in some recipes.Michael Smith2009-05-305-5/+5
| * Remove references to base_set_filespath() from recipes that don't need it.Michael Smith2009-05-3017-24/+2
| * directfb: added new version 1.2.8Ihar Hrachyshka2009-05-303-0/+53
| * syslog-ng: fix SRC_URIsMichael Smith2009-05-304-6/+6