path: root/classes/binconfig.bbclass
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* binconfig: add terminating slashes to path matching regexpsPhil Blundell2008-10-191-2/+2
* binconfig: fix small bug found by Julian Chu from openmokoHenning Heinold2008-09-091-1/+3
* classes/binconfig.bbclass: Allow packages to add sed expressionsHolger Freyther2007-12-271-0/+2
* classes: Sync staging layout cleanups from PokyRichard Purdie2007-11-171-4/+4
* binconfig.bbclass: more mungingKoen Kooi2007-08-051-0/+2
* Split STAGING_BINDIR into CROSS and NATIVE versions. This means there is no n...Richard Purdie2006-12-311-9/+4
* binconfig.bbclass: protect foo-native stuff from do_installKoen Kooi2006-11-041-1/+3
* binconfig.bbclass: mangle *-config and .la files that end up in packages, bas...Koen Kooi2006-11-041-0/+21
* binconfig.bbclass: Fix path rewriting for staged packages.Paul Sokolovsky2006-09-141-5/+6
* binconfig.bbclass: add new BINCONFIG_GLOB variable to allow passing a differe...Rene Wagner2005-10-051-1/+3
* binconfig.bbclass: reinstantiate patch that solved appending -native slightly...Michael Lauer2005-08-091-13/+4
* binconfig.bbclass: install foo-config as foo-config-native for native packages,Michael Lauer2005-08-081-4/+18
* Add a couple new sed statements to binconfig.bbclass. The current ones weren...Chris Larson2005-04-011-0/+2
* apply patch from Graeme Gregory to remove spurious "-native" in binconfig fil...Phil Blundell2005-03-091-5/+1
* Merge bk://oe-devel@oe-devel.bkbits.net/openembeddedPhil Blundell2005-03-051-3/+3
* binconfig.bbclass/pkgconfig.bbclass: Make pattern matching more restrictive s...Richard Purdie2005-03-021-5/+5
* classes/binconfig.bbclass: Fix namespace clash if you compile in /usr or friendsRichard Purdie2005-02-061-0/+31
* Merge oe-devel@oe-devel.bkbits.net:packages.bbChris Larson2004-12-071-0/+0