path: root/classes/package_deb.bbclass
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* package_deb.bbclass, rootfs_deb.bbclass : merge in poky changes to these clas...Graeme Gregory2009-01-301-20/+12
* classes/package*.bbclass: Remove the build_package_revision functionRichard Purdie2008-10-271-1/+1
* WorkInProgress: Mangle the DISTRO_PR into the package revisionsHolger Hans Peter Freyther2008-10-181-3/+3
* package_deb.bbclass: Remove some unneeded linesRichard Purdie2008-03-111-4/+0
* package_ipk/deb.bbclass: Make the PACKAGES check earlier so if there is nothi...Richard Purdie2008-03-101-6/+8
* package_deb.bbclass: Update apt.conf location (from poky)Richard Purdie2008-02-281-2/+2
* package_deb.bbclass: Tweaks from poky - use PKGDEST, don't clobber any existi...Richard Purdie2008-02-191-4/+8
* package_ipk.bbclass/package_deb.bbclass: Use bitbake locking functionsRichard Purdie2008-02-191-13/+9
* package_(deb|ipk).bbclass: Rename package index stamp to make it more obvious...Richard Purdie2007-09-291-4/+4
* package_deb.bbclass: Map TARGET_ARCH to DPKG_ARCH to keep dpkg/apt happy with...Richard Purdie2007-09-291-2/+11
* package*.bbclass: Switch to separate tasks for each packing type (from poky)Richard Purdie2007-09-041-4/+1
* package_x.bbclass: Sync with poky preparing for individual package writing tasksRichard Purdie2007-09-011-4/+29
* package_{deb,ipk}.bbclass: change ALLOW_EMPTY checkPhilipp Zabel2007-08-121-1/+1
* package_deb/rootfs_deb.bbclass: Sync fixes from PokyRichard Purdie2007-08-071-1/+6
* classes: Add support for intertask dependencies to be specified, needed for c...Richard Purdie2007-04-181-1/+3
* package_deb.bbclass: add shebang, closes #2086Rodrigo Vivi2007-04-121-0/+1
* package_deb.bbclass: add epoch supportPhilipp Zabel2007-03-291-1/+5
* Add package_deb.bbclass from PokyRichard Purdie2007-01-021-0/+238