path: root/classes/packaged-staging.bbclass
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* Shorten some full paths printed to the user.Chris Larson2009-05-141-1/+1
* First pass of cleanup of messages outputted to the user.Chris Larson2009-05-141-3/+3
* packaged-staging.bbclass: Add rpm package coverage (from Poky)Richard Purdie2009-03-191-0/+14
* packaged-staging.bbclass: Set the extra staging paths to a sane defaultRichard Purdie2008-10-271-1/+1
* packaged-staging bbclass: make relinking workKoen Kooi2008-10-011-1/+1
* packed-staging.bblcass: change DEPLOY_DIR_PSTAGE from "=" to "?=" to be ableThomas Kunze2008-07-241-1/+1
* conf/bitbake.conf: Merge in multimachine making it the standard layout as dis...Richard Purdie2008-07-191-3/+0
* packaged-staging.bbclass: Make sure opkg's libdir exists in all cases for loc...Richard Purdie2008-06-171-1/+2
* packaged-staging.bbclass: Sync with Poky for a number of updates. In summary:...Richard Purdie2008-05-241-51/+118
* packaged-staging.bbclass: Merge in fixes/improvements from Poky and use new s...Richard Purdie2008-05-051-40/+76
* packaged-staging.bbclass: protect against empty SRC_URIKoen Kooi2008-04-111-3/+9
* packaged-staging.bbclass: Put ipk/deb files in the correct directoriesRichard Purdie2008-03-281-4/+7
* various: move over to opkg, as discussed on the mailinglistKoen Kooi2008-03-181-8/+10
* packaged-staging.bbclass: Switch architecture to BUILD_SYS, inject the target...Richard Purdie2008-03-171-13/+17
* packaged-staging.bbclass: Switch to including stamps files in the staging pac...Richard Purdie2008-03-141-4/+22
* packaged-staging bbclass: make PSTAGE_EXTRAPATH overridable Koen Kooi2008-03-141-1/+1
* packaged-staging.bbclass: Various improvements. Add handling for -native and ...Richard Purdie2008-03-141-59/+116
* packaged-staging.bbclass: Set MULTMACH_ARCH if its not been set so we don't d...Richard Purdie2008-03-061-0/+3
* packaged-staging.bbclass: Only need to run after do_package_write, no need to...Richard Purdie2008-03-041-1/+1
* packaged-staging.bbclass: Remove older version and replace with improved versionRichard Purdie2008-02-191-194/+195
* Convert IPKG_ARCHS -> PACKAGE_ARCHS, IPKG_EXTRA_ARCHS -> PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS ...Richard Purdie2006-11-201-1/+1
* Add quotes for assignments to make the new parser happyHolger Freyther2006-11-111-3/+3
* packaged-staging.bbclass: update instructionsKoen Kooi2006-10-171-1/+1
* packaged-staging: add a recipe for stage-manager and DEPENDS on itKoen Kooi2006-10-171-0/+2
* packaged-staging.bbclass: Add a class to put staging/ under package managementKoen Kooi2006-10-071-0/+226