path: root/classes/rootfs_deb.bbclass
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* package*.bbclass: Switch to separate tasks for each packing type (from poky)Richard Purdie2007-09-041-1/+1
* rootfs_deb: make sure directories exist before trying to symlink them Koen Kooi2007-09-011-3/+11
* rootfs_{deb|ipk}.bbclass: Fix whitespace damage, remove bashisms, sync with pokyRichard Purdie2007-09-011-18/+20
* rootfs*.bbclass: uclibc doesn't provides glibc-locale* and locale-base*, so d...Koen Kooi2007-08-281-13/+15
* package_deb/rootfs_deb.bbclass: Sync fixes from PokyRichard Purdie2007-08-071-7/+14
* classes: Add support for intertask dependencies to be specified, needed for c...Richard Purdie2007-04-181-2/+2
* Add rootfs_deb.bbclass from PokyRichard Purdie2007-01-021-0/+136