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* oe.patch: don't error when the symlink already exists and is correctEvgeniy Dushistov2010-07-261-0/+11
* Add a rm -rf utility function and use it in packaged-staging.bbclassChris Larson2010-06-101-0/+11
* oe.path.relative: add missing importsChris Larson2010-04-241-2/+2
* Revert "oe.path.relative: switch to a different appraoch"Chris Larson2010-04-241-16/+19
* oe.path.relative: switch to a different appraochChris Larson2010-04-231-19/+16
* oe.path.relative: leverage os.path.relpath if availableChris Larson2010-04-231-12/+15
* oe.path.join: simplify a bitChris Larson2010-04-231-8/+3
* Initial move of common python bits into modules of the 'oe' python packageChris Larson2010-04-231-0/+46