path: root/packages/xserver-kdrive-common/xserver-kdrive-common/Xserver
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* xserver-kdrive-common: fix mouse for palmt650 for angstom and other distrosCarsten Haitzler (Raster2009-02-201-1/+1
* xserver-kdrive-common: sync openmoko and base xserver. allow for ppms andCarsten Haitzler (Raster2009-02-201-8/+30
* xserver-kdrive-common: add omap3 beagleboard section to run xorg ro XserverCarsten Haitzler (Raster2009-02-201-0/+5
* xserver-kdrive-common: add support for AML M8050Marcin Juszkiewicz2008-12-121-0/+2
* Xserver: Bring in Treo 650, M800 and chumby from openmoko/Xserver.Stefan Schmidt2008-11-211-0/+7
* xserver-kdrive-common: fix up GTA0* entries in non-openmoko Xserver script, n...Koen Kooi2008-08-091-3/+3
* xserver-kdrive-common : Xglamo now works well enough to be default forGraeme Gregory2007-12-031-2/+1
* xserver-kdrive-common: add missing break in the switch statementKoen Kooi2007-11-241-1/+2
* xserver-kdrive-common: use Xfbdev on gta02 for nowKoen Kooi2007-11-241-1/+2
* xserver-kdrive-common: use Xglamo for gta02, remove some of the bogus Xserver...Koen Kooi2007-11-231-6/+14
* xserver-kdrive-common: adapt script to take framebuffer size into account whe...Koen Kooi2007-10-201-13/+32
* xserver-kdrive-common: only consider Xw100/Ximageon if the device has such a ...Philipp Zabel2007-09-291-8/+15
* xserver-kdrive-common: fix tabs/indentation of Xserver scriptPhilipp Zabel2007-09-291-7/+7
* xserver-kdrive-common: fix path for Xw100 and XimageonPhilipp Zabel2007-09-291-4/+2
* xserver-kdrive-common: add support for the Motorola Ezx PlatformMichael Lauer2007-09-021-14/+13
* xserver-kdrive-common: add magician dpi to Xserver scriptPhilipp Zabel2007-08-101-0/+2
* xserver-kdrive-common: end of line whitespace cleanup of Xserver scriptPhilipp Zabel2007-08-101-37/+37
* xserver-kdrive-common: enable overriding individual filesMichael Lauer2007-08-101-0/+112