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* connman : moved unused files to obsolete dirFrans Meulenbroeks2010-10-081-286/+0
* connman.inc: remove do_stageKlaus Kurzmann2010-07-281-4/+0
* recipes: bump PR/INC_PR for packages changed in RDEPENDS/RRECOMMENDS/RSUGGEST...Martin Jansa2010-06-101-1/+1
* recipes: conform to OE packaging guidelines with RDEPENDS/RRECOMMENDSMartin Jansa2010-06-031-1/+1
* Make the do_patch apply=yes param implicit if extension is .diff/.patchChris Larson2010-05-253-4/+4
* Rename url params patch=<ignored>/pnum=<n> to apply={yes,no}/striplevel=<n>Chris Larson2010-05-253-4/+4
* connman: remove obsolete recipesSebastian Spaeth2010-04-199-329/+0
* recipes: move checksums to recipes from checksums.iniMartin Jansa2010-04-1210-0/+30
* connman_0.51: add missing checksumsMartin Jansa2010-04-091-0/+3
* connman: readd v.046Sebastian Spaeth2010-04-081-0/+38
* connman: bump v0.46 to v0.51Sebastian Spaeth2010-04-081-2/+1
* sane-srcrevs: move SRCREVs to recipes for openmoko related svn recipesMartin Jansa2010-03-171-0/+1
* mokonnect: also bump PR due to previous RDEPEND changeSebastian Spaeth2010-03-051-1/+1
* mokonnect: rdepend on connman-plugin-udhcpSebastian Spaeth2010-03-051-1/+1
* connman: use libnl2Michael 'Mickey' Lauer2010-01-073-4/+17
* connman: move test utils to separate package, shr config do not disable usb0 ...Thomas Zimmermann2010-01-073-2/+48
* connman: bump 0.46 PRSebastian Spaeth2009-12-101-1/+1
* connman: don't give user 'system' permissions by default. We might not have o...Sebastian Spaeth2009-12-102-0/+15
* mokonnect: new recipe from SHRMartin Jansa2009-11-181-0/+39
* connman: include connman_0.46 (mv'd from connman_0.19)Sebastian Spaeth2009-11-031-0/+37
* connman: update git versionKoen Kooi2009-10-023-4/+36
* connman: fix initscript and start earlier (but after dbus) (from poky)Koen Kooi2009-06-013-2/+4
* connman-gnome: add (default disabled) git versionKoen Kooi2009-05-162-1/+29
* connman update to 0.19Koen Kooi2009-05-161-0/+35
* connman: add 0.16Koen Kooi2009-05-111-0/+35
* connman: Add version 0.14 and 0.15Stefan Schmidt2009-03-292-0/+72
* rename packages/ to recipes/ per earlier agreementDenys Dmytriyenko2009-03-1712-0/+622