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* cluster-glue_1.0.5.bb: Fix compilation w.r.t. using constant cast using gcc 4.5Khem Raj2010-10-262-4/+97
* cluster-glue_1.0.5.bb: Fix build warnings found with gcc 4.5Khem Raj2010-09-302-1/+29
* cluster-glue: packaging fixes, move some files between packagesVladimir Sorokin2010-09-301-3/+3
* cluster-resource-agents: fix packaging of .debug dirsRoman I Khimov2010-08-221-2/+2
* recipes: inherit autotools instead of autotools_stageKhem Raj2010-08-052-2/+2
* Make the do_patch apply=yes param implicit if extension is .diff/.patchChris Larson2010-05-252-5/+5
* Rename url params patch=<ignored>/pnum=<n> to apply={yes,no}/striplevel=<n>Chris Larson2010-05-252-5/+5
* cluster-resource-agents: update to version 1.0.3Roman I Khimov2010-04-231-12/+17
* cluster-glue: update to version 1.0.5Roman I Khimov2010-04-231-3/+3
* cluster-resource-agents: fix uclibc buildRoman I Khimov2010-04-232-1/+14
* cluster-glue: fix uclibc buildRoman I Khimov2010-04-232-0/+15
* cluster-resource-agents: disable doc buildRoman I Khimov2010-04-232-1/+15
* cluster-resource-agents: fix headers define extractionRoman I Khimov2010-04-092-1/+22
* cluster-resource-agents: add new recipeRoman I Khimov2010-03-291-0/+70
* cluster-glue: add new recipeRoman I Khimov2010-03-293-0/+127