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* startup-notification_0.9.bb: Remove evas from DEPENDSKhem Raj2010-09-141-2/+2
* startup-notification_0.9.bb: Add evas to DEPENDSKhem Raj2010-09-021-1/+2
* 500+ recipes: remove do_stageFrans Meulenbroeks2010-08-033-12/+0
* recipes: more checksums and more fixes to download them allMartin Jansa2010-04-151-1/+7
* recipes: move checksums to recipes from checksums.iniMartin Jansa2010-04-122-0/+6
* startup-notification: add 0.9Koen Kooi2009-06-011-0/+13
* rename packages/ to recipes/ per earlier agreementDenys Dmytriyenko2009-03-172-0/+26