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* site i{4,5}86-linux: Add required entries for lftp.Jamie Lenehan2006-09-112-0/+10
* site i486,i586,sh4: Add required site file entry for rp-pppoe.Jamie Lenehan2006-09-114-0/+12
* site i586-linux: Add required entry for sudo.Jamie Lenehan2006-09-101-0/+3
* site/i486-linux: Add required entries for screen.Jamie Lenehan2006-09-011-0/+11
* site/*: Updates for slrn. Added required entries for slrn toJamie Lenehan2006-08-176-4/+25
* site/i{3,4,5}-linux: Add entries for ipsec-tools so it will build.Jamie Lenehan2006-08-173-0/+15
* site: add tests to make lzo compile w/ gcc 4.1.1 - closes #1099Michael Lauer2006-06-283-0/+12
* site/sh4-linux-uclibc: Add the required entries to build ipsec-tools.Jamie Lenehan2006-06-271-0/+5
* merge of 006ff5c889f07b22718fa73951084ab94aba16aaJamie Lenehan2006-06-232-0/+16
| * site/i{35}86-linux: Add required entries for building openssh. Closes bug #1109.Jamie Lenehan2006-06-202-0/+16
* | site/mipsel-linux-uclibc: set default value for rp-pppoeDirk Opfer2006-06-211-0/+3
* classesRaymond Danks2006-05-314-1/+23
* site/sh4-linux-uclibc: Add required entries to get vim to build for sh4 with ...Jamie Lenehan2006-05-281-0/+3
* site/sh4-linux-uclibc: Add required entries to get sudo to build for sh4 with...Jamie Lenehan2006-05-281-0/+3
* site/sh4-linux-uclibc: Add required entries to get openssh to build on sh4 wi...Jamie Lenehan2006-05-281-0/+7
* site/sh3-linux: Makes lzo build nicelyKristoffer Ericson2006-05-281-0/+3
* site/sh: Fix parted for sh3/sh4 by removing the minicom entries. The minicomJamie Lenehan2006-05-272-10/+0
* site/sh4: Update the sh4 site files. This contains all of the changes overJamie Lenehan2006-05-262-0/+294
* site/arm-linux-gnueabi: pull in fixes from r601c39f83683596d280f8ad94530e9447...Koen Kooi2006-05-251-83/+13
* site: Samba: Correct site-file entries, courtesy of v8jlene. This unb0rks sam...Matthias Hentges2006-05-251-83/+13
* sh3-linux: add entry for libxfce4util. fixes #980Michael Lauer2006-05-121-0/+4
* sh3-linux: remove ac_cv_host=${ac_cv_host=sh-pc-linux-gnu} from site file, p...Koen Kooi2006-05-111-4/+0
* site/arm-linux-gnueabi: update site file with dpkg and enca bitsKoen Kooi2006-05-051-0/+8
* site/i586-linux: add bits to make php5 compileKoen Kooi2006-04-281-0/+5
* site/arm-linux-gnueabi: add AC entry for size_off_tMichael Lauer2006-04-171-0/+1
* site/arm-linux: added yeti_cv_func_scanf_modif_size_t needed to get enca 1.9 ...Marcin Juszkiewicz2006-04-111-0/+3
* OS X OE builds:Holger Freyther2006-04-091-0/+7
* Add dpkg configure hintsRichard Purdie2006-03-191-0/+4
* site/arm-linux-gnueabi: add some ac_cv_sizeof to make rxvt-unicode and lzo buildPhilipp Zabel2006-03-161-0/+4
* correct arm-none-linux-gnueabi to arm-linux-gnueabiPhilipp Zabel2006-03-151-0/+0
* site/arm-none-linux-gnueabi: add new site file for EABI buildsPhilipp Zabel2006-03-151-0/+364
* site/mipsel-linux: updates courtesy Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.Koen Kooi2006-02-281-0/+12
* samba - Fix LFS issueOyvind Repvik2006-01-121-0/+5
* update gpe-irc to 0.08, makefile patch no longer necessaryMichael Lauer2005-08-061-0/+1
* Fix samba LINUX_LFS problem in a proper way. FIXES #58 (OE)Oyvind Repvik2005-07-112-0/+58
* update sitefile for powerpcFelix Domke2005-07-031-7/+223
* Removed lots of useless configure overrides. Oyvind Repvik2005-07-012-86/+12
* Removed lots of samba configure overrides that breaks configure.Oyvind Repvik2005-06-301-84/+14
* import clean BK tree at cset 1.3670Koen Kooi2005-06-304-0/+511
* Merge bk://oe-devel.bkbits.net/openembeddednslu2-linux.adm@bkbits.net2005-06-091-0/+0
* Merge bk://oe-devel.bkbits.net/openembeddednslu2-linux.adm@bkbits.net2005-05-202-0/+6
* add xfce4util and xffm entries to site filesMichael Lauer2005-04-064-0/+27
* add libxfce4util and xffm cache entriesJordan Crouse2005-04-054-0/+18
* from Murray: adds initial support for powerpc-linuxHolger Schurig2005-04-041-0/+0
* Merge nslu2-linux@nslu2-linux.bkbits.net:openembeddedg2@giantshoulder.com2005-03-166-4/+24
* Swipe some test results from the arm linux site file for some C library relat...Chris Larson2005-03-092-0/+189
* Merge oe-devel@oe-devel.bkbits.net:openembeddedChris Larson2005-02-094-0/+24
* Merge http://nslu2-linux.bkbits.net/openembeddedChris Larson2005-01-224-0/+12
* Merge bk://oe-devel.bkbits.net/openembeddednslu2-linux.adm@bkbits.net2005-01-214-0/+56
* Merge bk://nslu2-linux@nslu2-linux.bkbits.net/openembeddedRod Whitby2005-01-144-2/+11