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* usermanual/reference/dirs_install.xml: document palmtopdir and palmqtdirRolf Leggewie2008-01-291-5/+10
* Re-merge elaborated description of FEED_URIS and FEED_DEPLOYDIR_BASE_URI.Paul Sokolovsky2007-12-221-14/+81
* usermanual: image and rootfs updatesKoen Kooi2007-05-071-2/+2
* usermanual: Update image types to match recent changes:Jamie Lenehan2007-05-031-21/+105
* usermanual: The image_ipkg class is now just the image class. UpdateJamie Lenehan2007-05-024-20/+21
* merge of '4503b786ccfec77418f08dc9f6f376394e1b9735'Rolf Leggewie2007-03-193-27/+205
| * reference/dirs_staging: Update some paths to match recent change make toJamie Lenehan2007-03-161-2/+2
| * usermanual: Add a siteinfo class section to the reference manual. Move theJamie Lenehan2007-03-142-97/+185
| * class_autotools: Update the description of the site files to account for theJamie Lenehan2007-03-141-25/+115
* | var_section.xml: remove entrf for "applications" from list of SECTIONS that n...Rolf Leggewie2007-03-191-6/+0
* | var_section.xml: add openmoko sections. Fix some typos.Rolf Leggewie2007-03-191-5/+47
* var_section.xml: fixed and removed sections console/net, console/networking, ...Rolf Leggewie2007-02-121-42/+0
* var_section.xml: fixed and removed section 'bootloader'Rolf Leggewie2007-02-121-6/+0
* var_section.xml: fixed and removed section 'kernel/module'Rolf Leggewie2007-02-121-6/+0
* var_section.xml: fixed and removed net-misc and net/misc sectionsRolf Leggewie2007-02-121-12/+0
* var_section.xml: fix and remove "x11/apps" sectionRolf Leggewie2007-02-121-7/+1
* var_section.xml: fixed and removed dev-lang sectionsRolf Leggewie2007-02-111-6/+0
* var_section.xml: fixed and removed utility, console/shells and opie/Shell sec...Rolf Leggewie2007-02-081-18/+0
* var_section.xml: added "inputmethods" section after consultation with pH5 and...Rolf Leggewie2007-02-081-0/+6
* var_section: fixed libs/inputmethodRolf Leggewie2007-02-081-7/+1
* usermanual: Add a section describing the staging directories to theJamie Lenehan2007-01-121-0/+169
* usermanual: Add a list of all the installation variables and there typicalJamie Lenehan2007-01-121-0/+193
* usermanual class_rootfs_ipkg: Update for changes to .dev;Jamie Lenehan2006-11-211-2/+2
* usermanual: Since squashfs-lzma has been added, documented it as a supportedJamie Lenehan2006-10-193-19/+52
* usermanual/class_image_ipkg: Add an example of settings multiple imageJamie Lenehan2006-09-281-9/+13
* SRC_URI: Support for tar.Z in SRC_URI was added to OE, update theJamie Lenehan2006-09-261-1/+1
* usermanual SECTION: Make a note that the list is a recomendation only andJamie Lenehan2006-09-101-4/+9
* usermanual SECTION: Document the SECTION variable and start to put aJamie Lenehan2006-09-091-0/+759
* usermanual SRC_URI: Add details on the new SVNDIR variable, add details onJamie Lenehan2006-09-091-2/+21
* usermanual class_autotools: Document the site file syntax, in particularJamie Lenehan2006-08-281-0/+11
* usermanual: Grammer and consistency edits.Jamie Lenehan2006-08-238-150/+158
* usermanual SRC_URI: Add details on SRC_URI and all the differentJamie Lenehan2006-08-191-0/+671
* usermanual: Run the spell checker over the fakeroot documentation.Jamie Lenehan2006-08-181-24/+24
* usermanual: Add details on fakeroot to the reference section. UpdateJamie Lenehan2006-08-183-37/+224
* usermanual: Minor grammer fixes. Update the autotools site example to matchJamie Lenehan2006-08-187-41/+42
* usermanual: Add details on the image_ipk and rootfs_ipk to theJamie Lenehan2006-08-189-7/+503
* usermanual: Document the filesystem image types in the reference section andJamie Lenehan2006-08-111-0/+269
* usermanual: Add "class" to the end of the title of all the classJamie Lenehan2006-08-106-6/+6
* usermanual: Document binconfig and pkgconfig in the reference section.Jamie Lenehan2006-08-102-0/+83
* usermanual: Add details on the autotools class to the reference section.Jamie Lenehan2006-08-091-0/+143
* usermanual: Add a "Reference" section to the manual. Document the distutils,Jamie Lenehan2006-08-094-0/+421