BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterREADME: update for current status of OE-ClassicPaul Eggleton7 years
org.openembedded.devREADME: update for current status of OE-ClassicPaul Eggleton7 years
mdietze/nylonUse wpa-supplicant 0.4.8. This still does not fix issues connecting one of th...Martin Dietze9 years
2011.03-maintenancejlime-2010.1: build ubi image for ben-nanonote machineApelete Seketeli10 years
mckoan/kaeilos-2012poppler.inc: enabled poppler-qtMarco Cavallini10 years
mckoan/kaeilos-2011avalon-framework-api: update download urlHenning Heinold11 years
ulf/linux-2.6.39-2011-11-22Images updateUlf Samuelsson11 years
ulf/linux-2.6.39-2011-11-21SPLASH: Add some splash windows for wvga, vga and wqvgaUlf Samuelsson11 years
shr/testing2011.1binutils-cross-sdk_2.21.bb,binutils-cross_2.21.bb: Use binutils_2.21.bb inste...Khem Raj11 years
slugos/slugos6.0-betaSlugOS: slugos-init - update setup_optware script for new SlugOS 6 optware feedsMike Westerhof11 years
testing-nextsourceipk: exclude temp dirs when S == WORKDIRChris Larson11 years
aldot/fixesportmap: fix mandir for microBernhard Reutner-Fischer11 years
org.openmbedded.devgpe-lights: fix licenseFlorian Boor11 years
hipoxvim: Switch to patchdir rather than applying in do_configureTom Rini11 years
bluelightning/opie-18bppqte: enable 18bpp supportPaul Eggleton11 years
mckoan/kaeilos-2009kaeilos-2009-preferred-versions.inc: packages upgradeMarco Cavallini12 years
testing-next-testhelp2man: fix drag in of target perl for the native packageHenning Heinold12 years
upstreamnewt: add 0.52.12Otavio Salvador12 years
bluelightning/opie-fixesOpie: add version 1.2.5Paul Eggleton12 years
tasks-reductionbin/install: implement -D internallyChris Larson12 years
testingMerge branch 'master' into testing-nextCliff Brake12 years
darwinoe.path: also rmtree on EPERMChris Larson12 years
kergoth/autotoolsgnu-configize fixupsChris Larson12 years
holger/qt4-sdkqt4-sdk: Move the symlink creation into meta-toolchain-qt.incHolger Hans Peter Freyther12 years
khem/import-linaro-gcc-4.5gcc-4.5: Fix wrong instruction generation for vmovl patternKhem Raj12 years
holger/qt4-4.7qt4: Bump INC_PR to force a rebuild with the mkspec changesHolger Hans Peter Freyther12 years
cbrake/qt-4.7.0qt-4.7.0: update add.xmlpatterns.lib.patch to make it compile again, please s...Martin Jansa12 years
bluelightning/opie-gitBump Opie git revisionPaul Eggleton12 years
morphis/for-upstreamfsogsmd: fix dependencies for the palmpre machineSimon Busch12 years
koen/darwin-host-fixesmpfr: remove 'PATCHES' file so it can build on case insensitive filesystems w...Koen Kooi12 years
shr/testing2010eds-dbus: work around crosscompile badnessKoen Kooi12 years
stable/2009openjdk: backport from openembedded-devHenning Heinold12 years
rpurdie/for-testingxorg-driver: Remove staging null opsRichard Purdie12 years
shr/importshr: shr/import branch is not used anymoreMartin Jansa12 years
shr/mergeshr: shr/merge branch is not used anymoreMartin Jansa12 years
shr/unstableshr: shr/unstable branch is not used anymoreMartin Jansa12 years
rpurdie/work-in-progresscross.bbclass: In sysroot_stage_all, only process src dirs if they exist.Tom Rini12 years
pb/toolchain-desuckRevert "Pull mpfr/gmp builds into gcc builds". This doesn't fix theTom Rini13 years
rik/qemu-0.12qemu: remove 0.10.3Roman I Khimov13 years
push/oechecksums.ini: added some new entriesMarcin Juszkiewicz13 years
holger/staging-branchinitramfs-kexecboot-image : Unset FEED_DEPLOYDIR_BASE_URI to allow builds wit...Henry von Tresckow13 years
shr/stable2009linux-openmoko-shr-devel: stay with debug, preempt kernel (needs more testing...Martin Jansa13 years
shr/testing2009linux-openmoko-shr-devel: stay with debug, preempt kernel (needs more testing...Martin Jansa13 years
kergoth/bluezbluez: first pass of bluez4 -> bluez-libs/bluez-utils recipesChris Larson13 years
nios2helloworld: Adhere to ${CFLAGS} and {LDFLAGS}. Ehrm...Leon Woestenberg13 years
likewise/nios2Merge branch 'likewise/nios2' of git@git.openembedded.org:openembedded into l...Leon Woestenberg13 years
thesing/arm4-eabi-angstromangstrom: use eabi for armv4 and remove arm-oabiThomas Kunze13 years
koen/static-libs-reworkangstrom: add an option to use -Wl,--as-needed for glibc buildsKoen Kooi13 years
org.openembedded.dreamboxpackages/gstreamer: update gst-plugins-ugly and gst-plugins-badghost13 years
org.openembedded.dreambox.release_25update mediasinkghost13 years
fso/milestone5.5paroli : add paroli-calculator and remove uneeded shr overideAngus Ainslie13 years
rik/amd64package.bbclass: don't use multilib libs by defaultRoman I Khimov13 years
xora/angstrom-srcpvtransmission_1.73.bb : fix a couple of typos to do with localstatedir andGraeme Gregory13 years
shared/blackfinuclibc: fix building for bfin architectureDmitry Eremin-Solenikov13 years
kergoth/hostap-madwifiLet the distro control whether we include hostap or madwifi.Chris Larson13 years
laibsch/wipsiteinfo.bbclass: add support for via C3 hostRolf Leggewie13 years
laibsch/scimscim: add 1.4.6 recipeRolf Leggewie13 years
kergoth/mastercollections.inc: add support for collection archives.Chris Larson14 years
jan/masterbluez4: use update-rc.dJan Lübbe14 years
xora/angstrom-sqeeezylinux-2.6.28+2.6.29-rc6/eee901/defconfig : add eee PC 901 defconfig still toGraeme Gregory14 years
robertschuster/amd64-targetamdbarcelona: Fixed metadata.Robert Schuster14 years
org.openembedded.slugos.5.3-betaSlugOS 5.3-beta: update the opkg-unarchive fixMike Westerhof14 years
fso/milestone5task-openmoko-feed: Put openbmap-logger into the feedStefan Schmidt14 years
org.openembedded.documentationAdd deprecation notice.Michael 'Mickey' Lauer14 years
rasterfix sercrevs: fix bad merge as i had editor openCarsten Haitzler (Raster)14 years
ieee80215lowpan-utils: updated packaging to suit source changesSergey Lapin14 years
john_lee/fastboot-develfastboot: task-base.bb, task-boot.bb: customize openmoko distro more.Chia-I Wu14 years
john_lee/openmoko-toolchainautotools.bbclass: adding do_install_append() to autotools.bbclassJulian_chu14 years
org.openembedded.stablelinux-rp-2.6.24: fix tosa kernelDmitry Baryshkov14 years
stefan/eten-supporteten-m800: Machine support.Stefan Schmidt14 years
holger/openmoko-mergestask-openmoko-feed: Use task-proper-tools as pointed out by KoenHolger Hans Peter Freyther14 years
shared/xorg-7.4-updateRevert "om-gta02.conf : preliminary switch to xorg from Xglamo"Graeme Gregory14 years
holger/random-fixesbusybox.inc : Make busybox honor our LDFLAGSHolger Hans Peter Freyther14 years
holger/hash-style[link] Allow to use -Wl,--as-needed when linking (idea from poky)Holger Hans Peter Freyther14 years
org.openembedded.angstrom-2007.12-stableteslab: add and activate by defaultKoen Kooi15 years
org.openembedded.oetestmodules/chksum_checker/chksum.py: Generate a checksum.ini from already downlo...Holger Freyther15 years
org.openembedded.oz354xlinux-hotplug: Import patch from .dev by hrw. Thanks BernardoMatthias Hentges16 years
org.openembedded.packaged-stagingpackaged-staging.bbclass: add some usage notesKoen Kooi16 years
org.openembedded.oz354fam083handhelds-pxa-2.6_2.6.15-hh1: add a patch to fix resume on h2200.Matt Reimer16 years
release-2011.03commit 8c6a3711e3...Tom Rini12 years
tested_2010-02-03commit f06b04c2b5...Cliff Brake12 years
tested_2011-01-28commit 3a7b93a388...Cliff Brake12 years
tested_2011-01-20commit 6db340758e...Cliff Brake12 years
tested_2011-01-13commit 0af4d2e8be...Cliff Brake12 years
tested_2010-12-30commit 7993e4ca77...Cliff Brake12 years
tested_2010-12-24commit 6c7c4f7d53...Cliff Brake12 years
tested_2010-12-10commit bbd15964c3...Cliff Brake12 years
release-2010.12commit dec3967e15...Khem Raj12 years
tested_2010-11-12commit 3c6efe8f8a...Cliff Brake12 years
release-2010.12-branchpointcommit 8b8142421e...Khem Raj12 years
tested_2010-11-04commit c400c874f2...Cliff Brake12 years
tested_2010-10-29commit 3b44d9f3e8...Cliff Brake12 years
tested_2010-10-25commit b92a5ec362...Cliff Brake12 years
tested_2010-10-14commit a4a5808f9a...Cliff Brake12 years
testing_2010-10-08commit 711204ea10...Cliff Brake12 years
testing_2010-09-27commit 31fbeac341...Cliff Brake12 years
testing_2010-09-20commit 224e984680...Cliff Brake12 years
testing_2010-09-13commit 4ee3585347...Cliff Brake12 years
testing_2010-09-07commit 56a7be995b...Cliff Brake12 years
testing_2010-08-30commit f4de7c054a...Cliff Brake12 years
testing_2010-08-23commit 41569c5f4e...Cliff Brake12 years
shr/testing2009-1rc1commit 1baf432efc...Sebastian Spaeth13 years
pre-nov2009-core-updatescommit dbee1acac7...Richard Purdie13 years
mv-packages-to-recipes-postcommit 01a393838b...Denys Dmytriyenko14 years
mv-packages-to-recipes-precommit fa6cd5a3b9...Denys Dmytriyenko14 years
SlugOS5.3-betacommit 24b3cbc8c8...Mike Westerhof14 years