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* Remove NATIVE_INSTALL_WORKSPaul Eggleton2012-11-101-1/+0
* Fix Opie Git recipes to use SRCPVPaul Eggleton2012-05-203-6/+6
* classes: add palmtop-defs.bbclassPaul Eggleton2012-01-081-1/+2
* opie: mass GPL->GPLv2 fixupDmitry Eremin-Solenikov2011-09-183-3/+3
* Tidy up definitions of OPIE_GIT_PV / OPIE_SRCREVPaul Eggleton2011-08-203-3/+0
* Rename Opie _cvs recipes to _gitPaul Eggleton2011-08-203-0/+0
* Drop PRIORITY variablePaul Eggleton2011-08-203-3/+0
* Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM for Opie recipesPaul Eggleton2011-07-303-0/+6
* initial commit of meta-opiePaul Eggleton2011-07-309-0/+186