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import of bitbake-qa bittest util which can be used as:
- source availability checker - source mirror populate tool - and few others branch is named 'oetest' because this tool will be renamed to 'oetest' as it is useful only with OE metadata
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+To create your own check
+ - Copy the example directory which is inside modules
+ - Give your module a name
+ - Add the name of your directory to __all_tests__ in
+ lib/bittest/
+Now have fun to write a clever test!
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+Bitbake QA will hold Quality Assurance Resources:
+ The primary user will be OpenEmbedded but it is useful
+for any other user bitbake as well.
+layout of the bitbake_qa module:
+ It contains example configurations used to run tests
+with specified parameters (for overrides)
+ This directory
+ QA modules doing the actual tests
+I hope to offer the following tests soon:
+source_checker - It will check if the sources can still be fetched
+ and generates reports
+patch_checker - It will check if the patches still applies
+doc_checker - It will check if all variables have a documentation
+content_checker - It will check for common misusage in variables
+depends_checker - Check if native packages RDEPEND on non-native packages