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+ first define the window size, image and display geometry for your
+ 'fake' device.
+<device width='305' height='656'
+ display_width='240' display_height='320'
+ display_x='33' display_y='31'
+ img='gpephone.png' />
+<!-- Buttons ( optional )
+ The define each of the buttons. Note, there are a couple of extra
+ optional attributes not used here;
+ - 'img' - set to an image pathname for the down state of the button
+ - repreat = 'on|off' , Turn key repeat on/off for that key. By default
+ key repeat is on.
+ -->
+<!-- PIM buttons, left to right -->
+<!-- Left softkey-->
+<button x='36' y='370' width='91' height='21' key='F3'/>
+<!-- Rigth softkey-->
+<button x='177' y='370' width='91' height='21' key='F4'/>
+<!-- Home key-->
+<button x='10' y='408' width='83' height='22' key='k'/>
+<!-- backspace key-->
+<button x='208' y='408' width='83' height='22' key='BackSpace'/>
+<!-- Call key-->
+<button x='10' y='441' width='83' height='22' key='Page_Up'/>
+<!-- Hangup key-->
+<button x='208' y='441' width='83' height='22' key='Page_Down'/>
+<button x='133' y='393' width='45' height='23' key='Up'/>
+<button x='123' y='459' width='57' height='23' key='Down'/>
+<button x='106' y='417' width='26' height='42' key='Left'/>
+<button x='178' y='411' width='20' height='53' key='Right'/>
+<button x='133' y='423' width='38' height='30' key='Return'/>
+<button x='24' y='493' width='73' height='26' key='1'/>
+<button x='24' y='534' width='73' height='26' key='4'/>
+<button x='24' y='573' width='73' height='26' key='7'/>
+<button x='24' y='612' width='73' height='26' key='comma'/>
+<button x='106' y='486' width='90' height='34' key='2'/>
+<button x='106' y='526' width='90' height='34' key='5'/>
+<button x='106' y='564' width='90' height='34' key='8'/>
+<button x='106' y='604' width='90' height='34' key='0'/>
+<button x='202' y='493' width='73' height='26' key='3'/>
+<button x='202' y='534' width='73' height='26' key='6'/>
+<button x='202' y='573' width='73' height='26' key='9'/>
+<button x='202' y='612' width='73' height='26' key='period'/>