path: root/conf/machine/mainstone.conf
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* mainstone: do not set PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS - closes #4968Mark Brown2009-01-071-1/+0
* mainstone.conf: Fix padding of image for current flash layout.Florian Boor2008-03-101-2/+1
* mainstone.conf: Use new kernelFlorian Boor2008-03-081-1/+1
* mainstone.conf: Add jffs2 magic and adjust image size to the default 16MB par...Florian Boor2007-12-191-1/+2
* conf/machine/include: Rename .conf to .inc filesRichard Purdie2007-09-021-1/+1
* conf/*: remove all MACHINE_TASK_PROVIDER definitions that were simply forcibl...Rod Whitby2007-04-151-2/+0
* conf/machine/*.conf: require everything which needs to be includedMarcin Juszkiewicz2007-01-041-1/+1
* Convert IPKG_ARCHS -> PACKAGE_ARCHS, IPKG_EXTRA_ARCHS -> PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS ...Richard Purdie2006-11-201-1/+1
* mainstone: prepare for task-base stuffMarcin Juszkiewicz2006-10-181-0/+2
* mainstone.conf, logicpd-pxa270.conf: include xscale instead of iwmmxt conf fileCliff Brake2006-07-041-4/+1
* Clean up IPKG_ARCHS as it was being used inconsistently, often with duplicati...Richard Purdie2006-05-271-1/+1
* mainstone.conf: test commitCliff Brake2006-05-111-0/+3
* mainstone: use iwmmxt optimizations, courtesy Justin TreonKoen Kooi2006-02-171-1/+1
* Following from the meta/packages changes, cleanup conf/machine for incorrect ...Richard Purdie2006-01-081-2/+0
* Move machine include files (files that are not machines in their own right) i...Richard Purdie2006-01-071-1/+1
* Correct comments in mainstone.confCliff Brake2005-06-301-2/+2
* import clean BK tree at cset 1.3670Koen Kooi2005-06-301-0/+22
* Merge nslu2-linux@nslu2-linux.bkbits.net:openembeddedg2@giantshoulder.com2005-03-171-0/+0