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* [site-conf] Add the tests for the squeak vmHolger Hans Peter Freyther2008-10-151-0/+15
* mtn2git: remove .mtn2git_empty files in non-empty directoriesJan Luebbe2008-10-151-0/+0
* mono: add mono_cv_uscore to arm-linux site fileCliff Brake2007-06-261-0/+39
* site-conf/mysql.m4: filled with some tests from mysql 4.1.18Marcin Juszkiewicz2007-01-071-0/+100
* Add gnu.m4 which has a copy of the libiberty calls from binutils.m4Holger Freyther2006-12-111-0/+35
* Add empty and almost empty m4 files for packages we have test results fromHolger Freyther2006-11-1542-0/+59