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* matchbox-panel-2-icon-themes: use same SRCREV as matchbox-panel-2Martin Jansa2010-09-051-5/+2
* recipes: inherit autotools instead of autotools_stageKhem Raj2010-08-052-2/+2
* recipes: bump PR/INC_PR for packages changed in RDEPENDS/RRECOMMENDS/RSUGGEST...Martin Jansa2010-06-102-2/+2
* recipes: conform to OE packaging guidelines with RDEPENDS/RRECOMMENDSMartin Jansa2010-06-032-2/+2
* Make the do_patch apply=yes param implicit if extension is .diff/.patchChris Larson2010-05-253-7/+7
* Rename url params patch=<ignored>/pnum=<n> to apply={yes,no}/striplevel=<n>Chris Larson2010-05-253-7/+7
* sane-srcrevs: move SRCREVs to recipesMartin Jansa2010-04-024-0/+4
* matchbox-panel-2: add -Wno-error to TARGET_CFLAGS to build with gcc 4.4Thomas Zimmermann2010-01-161-1/+3
* matchbox2: Resource ~/.profile correctly.Stanislav Brabec2009-12-062-2/+2
* Revert Introduce DISTRO_apm patch until I get permissionSebastian Spaeth2009-12-041-4/+2
* task-base: Introduce DISTRO_apm and convert recipes to use it.Sebastian Spaeth2009-12-041-2/+4
* matchbox-panel-2-icon-themes: add SRCREV_FORMAT as there is more svn urlsMartin Jansa2009-11-171-1/+2
* svn recipes: change +svnr${SRCREV} +svnr${SRCPV}Martin Jansa2009-11-174-4/+4
* matchbox-desktop-2: Make fallback folder compatible with current matchbox-com...Stanislav Brabec2009-10-082-4/+19
* matchbox2: Make it working:Stanislav Brabec2009-09-2215-35/+737
* rename packages/ to recipes/ per earlier agreementDenys Dmytriyenko2009-03-173-0/+164