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* pointercal: Add bug20 support and bump PRStefan Schmidt2010-08-092-1/+1
* pointercal: set the LICENSE to MIT by defaultDenys Dmytriyenko2010-05-171-1/+2
* pointercal: add data for htc-msm7 devicesMichael 'Mickey' Lauer2010-03-142-1/+2
* archos5it: add archos5it support from Archos OE repoKoen Kooi2010-02-071-0/+1
* pointercal: dropped at91sam9263ek data as people connect other displaysMarcin Juszkiewicz2010-01-122-2/+1
* archos5: first batch of archos5 machine support. Downloaded from archos.com w...Koen Kooi2009-12-221-0/+1
* Add support files for the Samsung Omnia SGH-i900 in tslib and pointercal.Alex Ferguson2009-11-201-0/+1
* pointercal: Add calibration for the omap3-pandora touchscreen.David-John Willis2009-10-282-1/+1
* Add support for MIPS qemu machineKhem Raj2009-10-241-0/+1
* pointercal: add omap3-touchbook supportKoen Kooi2009-09-252-1/+1
* pointercal: added at91sam9263ekMarcin Juszkiewicz2009-09-092-1/+2
* pointercal_0.0.bb : add a pointercal for zoom2Graeme Gregory2009-07-132-1/+1
* pointercal: Add support for the Topas 910.Florian Boor2009-05-182-1/+2
* pointercal: update palmt650 pre-seeded pointercal data (i just re-ran it)Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman2009-04-162-2/+3
* pointercal: add pre-calibration for palmt650Carsten Haitzler2009-04-141-0/+1
* rename packages/ to recipes/ per earlier agreementDenys Dmytriyenko2009-03-1721-0/+34