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libdbi-perl: upgrade 1.636 -> 1.639timo/meta-oe-perl-upgrades
Changes in DBI 1.638: Fix UTF-8 support for warn/croak calls within DBI internals, thanks to pali #53 Fix dependency on Storable for perl older than 5.8.9, thanks to H.Merijn Brand. Add DBD::Mem driver, a pure-perl in-memory driver using DBI::DBD::SqlEngine, thanks to Jens Rehsack #42 Corrected missing semicolon in example in documentation, thanks to pali #55 Changes in DBI 1.637 - 16th August 2017: Fix use of externally controlled format string (CWE-134) thanks to pali #44 This could cause a crash if, for example, a db error contained a %. https://cwe.mitre.org/data/definitions/134.html Fix extension detection for DBD::File related drivers Fix tests for perl without dot in @INC RT#120443 Fix loss of error message on parent handle, thanks to charsbar #34 Fix disappearing $_ inside callbacks, thanks to robschaber #47 Fix dependency on Storable for perl older than 5.8.9 Allow objects to be used as passwords without throwing an error, thanks to demerphq #40 Allow $sth NAME_* attributes to be set from Perl code, re #45 Added support for DBD::XMLSimple thanks to nigelhorne #38 Documentation updates: Improve examples using eval to be more correct, thanks to pali #39 Add cautionary note to prepare_cached docs re refs in %attr #46 Small POD changes (Getting Help -> Online) thanks to openstrike #33 Adds links to more module names and fix typo, thanks to oalders #43 Typo fix thanks to bor #37 Signed-off-by: Tim Orling <timothy.t.orling@linux.intel.com>
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