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* formfactor: Add machconfig in qemux86-64 to avoid HAVE_KEYBOARD unset.Zhai Edwin2010-09-171-1/+2
* ncurses: rename site_config that was mis-merged when ncurses movedJeff Polk2010-09-101-0/+5
* autotools: enable siteconfig by defaultJeff Polk2010-09-105-10/+0
* [e]glibc-package.inc: fix providers for libsegfault and otherNitin A Kamble2010-09-104-19/+35
* netbase: Don't hardcode the qemu IP configRichard Purdie2010-09-106-32/+9
* ldconfig-native: Set LICENSERichard Purdie2010-09-071-0/+2
* poky-image: Set LICENSE field for the image recipes (note this doesn't apply ...Richard Purdie2010-09-075-0/+10
* udev: Drop old versionsRichard Purdie2010-09-0735-2302/+0
* bootmisc.h: use "date -s" to set timeKevin Tian2010-09-031-1/+1
* eglibc: Add siteconfig cache generationJeff Polk2010-09-035-1/+656
* uclibc: Add siteconfig cache generationJeff Polk2010-09-035-0/+656
* ncurses: Add siteconfig cache generationJeff Polk2010-09-031-0/+2
* zlib: Add siteconfig cache generationJeff Polk2010-09-032-0/+3
* glibc: Add siteconfig cache generationJeff Polk2010-09-035-0/+657
* glibc-package.inc: disable build-time locale generation for nativesdkKevin Tian2010-09-034-2/+4
* eglibc: Set BBCLASSEXTEND to include nativesdkRichard Purdie2010-09-032-1/+3
* udev: don't reference parent sysfs node directlyKevin Tian2010-09-032-3/+2
* libc-package.bbclass: merge glibc & eglibc class filesNitin A Kamble2010-09-026-420/+151
* packages: Separate out most of the remaining packages into recipesRichard Purdie2010-09-0132-0/+8283
* Major layout change to the packages directoryRichard Purdie2010-08-27368-0/+25365