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* sysprof: update to 3.30.2Alexander Kanavin2018-11-232-72/+0
* sysprof: Fix build with clangKhem Raj2018-09-111-0/+34
* sysprof: fix build with muslRoss Burton2018-09-071-0/+38
* sysprof: update to 3.30.0Alexander Kanavin2018-09-071-6/+7
* sysprof: convert to meson buildAlexander Kanavin2018-01-054-115/+26
* sysprof: update to 3.22.2Alexander Kanavin2016-11-302-67/+0
* sysprof: fix floating dependency on polkitMaxin B. John2016-07-251-0/+41
* sysprof: Upgrade to git version slightly past 3.20Jussi Kukkonen2016-06-158-80/+143
* sysprof: use packageconfig for the guiChristopher Larson2015-11-251-0/+35
* sysprof: upgrade to 1.2.0Tom Zanussi2013-03-051-35/+0
* Add Upstream-Status to patchesSaul Wold2012-01-032-0/+5
* sysprof: remove duplicated patchSaul Wold2011-10-171-13/+0
* Fix sysprof for powerpc64Matthew McClintock2011-10-101-0/+35
* sysprof: Define NT_GNU_BUILD_ID if undefinedKhem Raj2011-07-201-0/+22
* sysprof: add system-wide performance profiler for Linux.Tom Zanussi2010-12-103-0/+51