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usermanual SECTION: Make a note that the list is a recomendation only and
that any additional/modified items should be discuessed via the OE dev mailing list.
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<section id="section_variable" xreflabel="SECTION variable">
<title>SECTION variable: Package category</title>
- <para>Sections are a means for categorising the packages into related groups
- to enable users to find packages easier. The <command>SECTION</command>
- variable for a package declares which section the package belongs to. They
- most common use of the sections is by by GUI based package management
+ <para>Sections are a means for categorising packages into related groups to
+ enable users to find packages easier. The <command>SECTION</command>
+ variable is used to declare which section a package belongs to. The most
+ common use of the section information is in GUI based package management
<para>The default values for the section variables are:</para>
@@ -28,6 +28,11 @@
and that by default documentation and development files are seperated out to
their own sections.</para>
+ <para>The table of sections show the current usage of section information.
+ This is a recomendation only, althought it is recomended that any additions
+ or modifications be discusssed via the open embedded developer mailing list
+ first.</para>
<tgroup cols="2">
<colspec colwidth="1*" />